There are many powerful things in this world, like coffee, Superman and hashtags.

That’s right, hashtags… those words next to the tiny naughts and crosses board.

But why are they so powerful?

Well, when someone clicks on a hashtag on any of the social networks, they’ll automatically be shown all the public posts that include the same hashtag.

This is valuable for small businesses because it can expose their content to a broader audience, and increase the discovery of the business.

Okay, maybe not exactly like this, but you know what I mean

For example, if someone does a search on a social network, using the same hashtag you used, your post — and possibly even your profile — can be found. This is an opportunity to reach people you would not have been able to reach without hashtags, and without paying any money.

It’s important that you keep your hashtags short and ensure they include natural keywords and phrases to enhance their visibility in search engine rankings.

If your business has a promotion coming up, you can utilize a hashtag to attract a large audience, some of which may never have heard of your product or company before they had seen the hashtag.

Lately, you may have noticed that some Instagram users have started to put all their hashtags in the first comment, rather than the caption.

The reason?

It looks pretty.


Yup… that’s it.

It just creates more space, and seems, well, cleaner. Because after the first few comments, their hashtag comment will disappear.

If you choose to follow this trend, just keep in mind that once you post your image, the magical Instagram algorithm starts working. Sooooo, you should post your hashtags as fast as possible.

If the pressure to post the hashtags so quickly is too much, you can opt to add a line break under your caption and then post your caption.

At the end of the day it’s your account, and its just a matter of preference where you put the captions. Just make sure it’s consistent and you’re not changing it up each time you post.

Here is an example how Priceline uses the hashtags in the first comment.

priceline 2 priceline

So I want to know what you think, do you think you have gained more followers and activity on your profile from using the hashtag? Which hashtag style do you prefer? Do you think Superman is more powerful than the mighty hashtag?

Do you prefer hashtags or hashbrowns?

Shelley Barr Waanders