Well, it was Mother’s Day yesterday…..Yeah, yeah, you know that.

You only know that because every time you logged into any of your social media accounts you were blasted by people writing full-on academic essays (backed up with examples and references!) as to why their mum is Ah-Mayzing, or on Instagram a throwback with a montage of their mummy memories, or even SnapChat stories….

Yeah, was kind of unavoidable to miss……

And the thing is, it even went the other way, of Mothers posting all the wonderful gifts, and love and breakfasts in bed that they had. It felt like a competition, whose Mum was loved the most.

Joanne, no one cares what you did with your burnt pancakes in bed.

mothers day

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum, I truly do. But I think we’ve gone too far; we have this need to advertise to the world that we love our Mums. ( This video sums it up perfectly, and its hilarious!)

But you know what, for businesses, Mother’s Day was a perfect excuse to advertise EVERYTHING FLORAL AND PINK!

Release the ads!

Tell me about it, right.

So, I thought I’d write a blog post on how to do a Mother’s Day social media campaign correctly. Riveting I know, you’ll thank me later.

First of all, it’s important that the brand uses rich and engaging content. So let’s take Pandora’s Facebook page as an example.


The video is professional and high quality (even has captions which is very important! Because many people watch videos on mute, and it also engages with those who are hearing impaired). Secondly, there is a call to action, asking viewers to comment on what makes THEIR mum special. This shows that Pandora is trying to make this video personalised to each and every viewer. The video has touching moments, which most people can relate to, and so it shows how Pandora understands you, the consumer. Yes you. 

Next, it’s important to showcase the product or service effectively.

That means high-quality photos people!

It is important to remember that if your business sells more that than one product,  a bit of creativity is needed when posting on social media.

This is an example used by Kay Jewellers a few years ago, but it is an excellent example.

kay jewlers.jpg

They’ve segmented all the mum’s , so it is so much easier for the shopper, and its a really personalised way to shop for mum.  And they didn’t even bombard you with a zillion photos of all the products! The “gift-guide” comes across as a value-added service to be helpful, and if you click the link, it takes you straight to their website, where you can make a purchase. It’s fresh and sentimental.

Lastly, a competition! Here’s why it works, there’s something in it for the customer! Who would’ve thought?!  And if it’s an enticing gift, it works even better.

Also, it’s great for business, cos then you get people’s email addresses (#sneaky), and also perhaps to enter the competition people need to go the website? Just an idea

(Source) Who wouldn’t want to win this? Honestly looks amazing! 

It is essential to note that social media accounts and campaigns take time to develop, implement, and sustain.

This is because it requires the brands to build relationships and trust if they want to create fans, and loyal customers.

Brands need to build their fan base and promote the social media accounts whilst also providing value to the customers. The account cannot just have infrequent postings of products and literally say “buy me”. This is exactly how to set your social media account to fail.

Brands should make the customers feel a part of a community, not a sale, and certainly not make them feel like they’re “just another customer”.

Shopping for Mum is special, and Mum is special, so make my shopping experience special. And make me feel like you understand how special she is (don’t you love how I slipped that in there!)

What do you think? Were you sick of the Mother’s day hype on social media? Was it annoying when it came from brands? Did you get any inspiration for Mother’s day presents from the ads?

Shelley Barr-Waanders