Your sink pipe has burst.

There’s water everywhere.

The kitchen has flooded.


Quick, pass me the Yellow Pages….. said no one ever in 2017.

Now, there’s an app to find tradies; Hipages! I know right? Genius!

You no longer have to sift through the Yellow Pages, and scroll through dozens of websites, and get a bazillion quotes.

Nope, nuh uh. I just changed your life didn’t I? (and if you’re a millennial still living at home, I just changed your parents’ lives.)

(Source) Mind. Blown.

Here’s how it works:

You take a photo of what needs to be repaired or renovated, answer a few questions, such as where youre based, how much you want to spend… etc

Then, you’ll get some quotes from a few tradies, and then your job is to swipe right or swipe left! Tradies on Tinder!

So you pick the tradie that is best for the job, and are put in contact with them, where you can arrange the when and where.

And if none of the tradies that the app dished out to you were suitable, you can simply ask the app for more quotes and voila!

And its FREE! Hipages generates it’s income by charging the tradies that use the website.


The website now has over  40,000 job posts every month from consumers looking for a tradie to do anything from electrician work to plastering.

David Vitek, one of the founders of  Hipages, says that although tradies are very good at building, fixing and ­creating things they’re not too great when it comes to marketing themselves. Vitek says his team realised that it was important for tradies to learn a few IT skills; what was happening was tradies were spending the day on the job and would return home and have to respond to a dozen messages.

In an interview with The Australian, handyman James Mason said that the app gave him flexibility to answer the messages when it suited him, and to work around his family time.

However,  there are the older tradespeople who haven’t utilised social media marketing or websites to help them find work.

Mr Mason states:

“A lot of the older guys, the 45-plus, would find it a lot harder to market online,” he says. “Things have changed, everyone’s going online, people walk around with a smart phone and if they need the work they look for it. No one advertises in the Yellow Pages any more.”

Only this guy uses the Yellow Pages (Source

So, whats the impact on digital marketing?

Obviously,  digital marketers need to ensure the website is efficient to use, and that the app is up and running around the clock.

There also needs be a team of people reading the posts who make sure that they are genuine. The team would also need to ensure that the posts meet the right tradies, that a painting job doesn’t end up being sent to a brickie.

Finally, there needs to be a customer service team that liaises with consumers and gains their feedback.

On a broader scale, digital marketers need to keep up with the growing trend, that people today want a way to find information that is simple and fast. Having an app that does it all for you is genius. If digital marketers can tap into this trend it will surely pay off.

Tell me what you think? Would you use this app? And if you were a tradie, would you use it?

Shelley Barr-Waanders