Okay, so let’s talk about social media for a sec.

With roughly 7.2 billion people in the world, there are 2.5 billion people on social media. That’s roughly 36% of the world’s population!

So a lot of us are on social media, and this is pretty important for businesses to understand.

Social media is special, because it is a digital channel that enables businesses to have a two-way communication with its customers (that’s us!). Therefore, giving them the opportunity to receive our feedback, monitor what we customers think about them and build brand awareness.

So let’s just take a side step and focus for a minute on young people, the millennials (the lovers of smashed avo on toast) and the importance of social media. Millennials love brunch, and I do mean love. Especially Melbournians (and were pretty fussy about our coffee too). Millennials spend an average of 44 % of their food money on eating out, more than any generation has before.

Teenagers now devote more money on food and events than clothing. They want to ensure they are paying for the most Instagrammable meal, and if it’s delicious that’s a bonus! Trendy handbags or cars are being traded in for photo-worthy experiences at indie cafes or the newest pressed juice joint.

When planning a brunch date, suggestions bounce back and forth on our group chat.

“This place has Oreo and Tim Tam pancakes!”

“Oh, but this place has haloumi and sourdough bread”

“We have to try these smoothie bowls sometime soon!”

giphy (5).gif
(Source) I hear you sista!

However, sometimes the food planning hits a speed bump when those old- school restaurants don’t have a website or aren’t listed on the apps.

“I will always look up the menu before going to restaurant, I want to know what I’m ordering” my best friend once admitted to me.

It makes sense: for a generation that operates on instant information, there’s a slight anxiety of going to a restaurant that doesn’t list its options.

So as business, especially the cafes and restaurants if you want to target this particular demographic, I highly urge you to at least set up an Instagram account. According to the 2016 report released by Sensis, Instagram’s growth has increased by 31%, that’s almost double of what it was in 2013.

As a user of Insta, I love how clean and organised the app is. Its visual content is attractive and the app itself is so easy to use. With the majority of users aged between 18-29. Pretty handy to know eh?

You might think that us millennials researching our meals is ridiculous, and maybe it is, but at the end of the day those drool worthy Instagram photos is what gets us through those café doors.

Plus, it helps us spend our money a little more wisely…. you know so we can buy a house and stuff.

So what do you think? Has a quick search of a cafe on social media ever influenced your decision?

Shelley Barr- Waanders